The Wind whispers, The Horse listens..

Building Relationships

Develop a solid connection and Relationship with horses

Yoga and Stretching

Building balance and suppleness in both horse and rider

Kids learn respect and compassion at the same time

private or semi-private lessons let kids get the best of direct instruction, and time for their friends.

Do You Want to Know A Secret......?

The BEST learning Experience of My Life!

I rode at this stable last summer- it was the best learning experience of my life! I didn't just learn how to ride but also how to interact with horses and so much about myself and what I am capable of. It definitely boosted my confidence- not just in riding, but in general. I have ridden at a few other barns over the years and this is the most welcoming 'homey' barn I have ever been at. At Horsewise it is not just about sitting on an animal and making it move.. it is about you and the horse understanding each other and working together for a common goal. I wish I had not had to go back to school in the fall because I would have stayed with this barn forever. There is always so much to learn and I want to learn from the best- I think Teri is definitely one of the best :) I would recommend this place over any other that I have been to or heard about. You won't regret a moment!

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Whether you are a beginner or more Advanced rider- Horsewise can support your equestrian goals. Teri works with all ages and abilities. Each student creates their own program organically. From personal and emotional goals, like trust, or confidence, to solid equitation skills that will bring your riding to a new level.
*Teri will also travel off-site to teach you on your own horse.
Call to start your lesson program (802)884-8064
Teri also offers Horse as Healer, Horse as Teacher workshops and internships, for students and individuals who want to learn how to work with horses to help promote healing and therapeutic aspects.